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Evolve Eden Wellness Studio

Evolve Eden Wellness Studio

Evolve Eden Wellness StudioHello Lovely, I'm Nicole! I'm Queen of Ceremony and a Holistic High-Performance Wellness Coach. I’m the Owner of Evolve Eden Wellness Studio & Fierce Love Life! I'm a mix of glitter & mud, fierceness & love, lavender & grit,...




Hello! My name is Greice, and I am an astrologer, tarologist and curator of vintage pieces. In short, I work for women to awaken the witch that dwells in their souls. I do witch work. Welcome CONNECT IG: @falamorgana (instagram) @thewitchswagon (Instagram)  THE...

Stephen Henry

Western Painter - Studio 4

Austin Luckett

Iron Pine Photography - Studio 3

Kseniya Thomas

Thomas Printers - Studio 21-22

Susie Musie

Painter - Studio 37

Shanna Kunz

Painter - Studio 16

Elizabeth Robbins

Painter - Studio 17

Chad Jones

Knotty Alder - Studio 19

Diane Browning

Fiber arts - Studio 6

Matthew Choberka

Painter - Studio 41

Jane Font

Painter - Studio 8

Barbara Oxborrow

Creative Artist - Studio 11

Amie Preston

OIGI Jewelry Design - Studio 27

Jada Hughey

ClearLight Glass Co. - Studio 12

Jonathan Morgan

Sculptor - Studio 20

Emily Cook

Contemporary Painter - Studio 5

Bradley Trammel

Photographer - Studio 7

Todd Oberndorfer

The Banyan Collective - Studio 2

R Brandon Long

The Banyan Collective - Studio 1

Gene Chambers

Studio 66 Hot Rod Art - Studio 18

Christopher Lubeck

Painter - Studio 15


Weber State University - Studio 33-36

Sara Austin

Drawing & Mixed Media - Studio 10

Sara Abagulum

Ninth Muse Academy of Art - Studio 38

Chaise Payan

Visual Artist, Illustrator, Designer - Studio 14

Cynthia Jeppson

Ceramic Artist - Studio 24

Joanne Hall

Painter - Studio 30

Paul Crow

Visual Artist

Traci Douglass

Painter - Studio 29

Carli Miller & Cameron Williams

Plant Potions & Paper / Wild Meraki Creations - Studio 32

Zia Hassan

Creative Wanderingz - Studio 26

Heather Angelone

Painter and Sculptor - Studio 25

Robbin Daffin

Floral Artist – Studio 13

The Monarch - Mural


Connect, inspire and create together. Our studio members are painters, sculptors, photographers, designers and makers of all types. Come join your creative kaleidoscope!