Adriana Moore

Mixed Media Artist – Studio 11


I was born and raised in the Rep. of South Africa till almost twelve. Then moved with my parents and two younger sisters to ElKO,NV for my dads job. I became an American citizen in 1997, in Reno, NV. Married for 24 years, mom to 2 amazing kids for the past 22 years and counting, 7 years in Architecture then 17 years in Art Education (still) and an Artist my whole life.

I started being affirmed as an artist as early as Kindergarten, often winning coloring contests and participating in school and community shows. I found my visual voice in 7th grade when I moved to the USA. I did not speak English- but could speak Art well. Art became my comfort and passion. I graduated with the highest possible Art Award and received multiple scholarships that enabled me to continue growing in the world of art. Since then I have climbed the education ladder to a BFA and a Bachelors in Education. I am currently working on a masters in education. I am still a teacher and still love it but also now call myself a mixed media artist. I love to play with different mediums and surfaces for different ideas. I love them all. But if I had to choose a favorite subject- it would be food. I am inspired by culture, tradition, community, culinary arts and personal experience. I do commissions, workshops, lectures and demonstrations. I also love a creative challenge, collaborations and absolutely adore service projects.


Phone: 801-389-9498

Email: adri.moore@gmail.com

Instagram: @adriannamoore1

Facebook: Adriana Pieterse Moore

Tik Tok: @adrianamoore512