BrookeryT Theory

BrookeryT Theory Studio #36


A culmination of mixed media to form unique pieces of art

Our inspiration stems from our love of nature, travel, and the practice of
yoga. We work with a variety of mediums including, resin, acrylic and
watercolor paint, rocks, crystals, gemstones, pressed floral, metal and
sand casting.

We specialize in raw and polished forms of rock and jewelry. We do our own
lapidary work from cutting large boulders to small pieces. All of our
custom-made jewelry include the original rock form or a small piece of it
left to show where it came from.

We also specialize in commision pieces and custom designs for furniture,
picture frames, and floral arrangements all with a touch of our art.
Please contact us via email or Instagram for details and to see a list of
available pieces.