Studio 3

Bloom is a self-employment and social venture operated by PARC, a Service Source affiliate, that empowers individuals with disabilities to use their creative talents, enjoy artistic experiences, learn new techniques, and
competitive sales. Our Artisans work extremely hard to create items such as soaps, candles, home décor, cards, and pottery. Once completed they have the option of keeping their creation or sell it with help from us. All
materials are paid for by PARC and each Artist receives the full sale amount from each product sold. Bloom Artisans are supported by Taysha Kruitbosch, our Bloom Coordinator and Retail Specialist, Cassidy Mason, our Assistant Coordinator, and PARC.

Contact PARC

DM us through Facebook: Bloom-Utah

Instagram: @Bloom-Utah

Email: taysha.kruitbosch@servicesource.org