Joshua VanOrden

Studio 13


Joshua VanOrden, married with a (18yr) daughter and a (16yr) son. Owner of VO Brothers Mechanical LLC which is home to 70 +/- Employees. I’ve been on industry and private boards. Was the 2015 Chairman for Associated Builders and Contractors. I’m a current member of the Utah EO Chapter forum 14 and have been since 2016. (Brian Fruit and David Robison are my current forum mates – Sounds like Thaynes old buddies.)

Love the Entrepreneur’s journey, love solving problems and love bringing creative value to everything I’m a part of.

The intention of the creative studio is to create knowledge. As information becomes ubiquitous, as the world becomes increasingly more complicated, automated and competitive, knowledge creation will need to step up into Ludicrous Speed 😉

www.frogrip.org is (3) Things: Group Management and Facilitation System (Passion, Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose, Curiosity ->Centric) = Motivation Mastermind Group -hyper focused in the Neuroscience of Peak Performance & Cross Pollination of Tech and its application to industry.

Impact – The biggest financial rewards are in the biggest worldly challenges. Incubate and invest using the triple bottom line as the operating principles.

Being around creative artists is inspiring.