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Located in historic downtown Ogden in the heart of the Nine Rails Creative District you’ll find a contemporary space accented by natural light and classic architecture.


Your studio includes up to 300 square feet combined along with access to other key areas around the building will give your creative genius the room it needs to flourish.


Never before has Ogden seen as vast amount of creatives as we house. Brimming with internationally-recognized creative energy your neighbors include painters, sculptors, photographers, and more.

I moved my studio to the Monarch a year ago, it’s been awesome!  The space has worked very well, great access and in the heart of the Ogden Arts district. The best part are the people, working in an environment with other artists helps keep me focused and more creative. I highly recommend any artist looking for studio space should check out the Monarch!
Gene Chambers

I love being at the Monarch. Not just for a place to create, but for the other creatives. It is truly a community and I’ve literally made some of the most meaningful connections in the last 9 months. Some of my closest friends, I owe to being at The Monarch and I am certain they will be lifelong friends. All the artists collaborate and offer each others services and talents to each other. Also, the support that Thaine and his team (Brandy, Rick, resources, and I can’t forget Deborah -I wouldn’t be here without her) give are so valuable to me.
Robbin Daffin

The Monarch’s space and community is unlike anything else. The community of artists and craftspeople is so welcoming and supportive, and the building’s flexibility and beauty make it the perfect place to work and grow.





Alan Dee Geddes

Alan Dee Geddes

Tarot At age 13, Alan discovered his first Tarot deck at a place called the Fun Shop, a novelty and magic store in Ogden, Utah. This began his fascination with cartomancy and the intuitive arts. In 1996, he pursued Wicca as a spiritual path. One of its teachings is to...

Stephen Henry

Western Painter - Studio 4

Austin Luckett

Iron Pine Photography - Studio 3

Kseniya Thomas

Thomas Printers - Studio 21-22

Susie Musie

Painter - Studio 37

Shanna Kunz

Painter - Studio 16

Elizabeth Robbins

Painter - Studio 17

Chad Jones

Knotty Alder - Studio 19

Diane Browning

Fiber arts - Studio 6

Matthew Choberka

Painter - Studio 41

Jane Font

Painter - Studio 8

Barbara Oxborrow

Creative Artist - Studio 11

Amie Preston

OIGI Jewelry Design - Studio 27

Jada Hughey

ClearLight Glass Co. - Studio 12

Jonathan Morgan

Sculptor - Studio 20

Emily Cook

Contemporary Painter - Studio 5

Bradley Trammel

Photographer - Studio 7

Todd Oberndorfer

The Banyan Collective - Studio 2

R Brandon Long

The Banyan Collective - Studio 1

Gene Chambers

Studio 66 Hot Rod Art - Studio 18

Christopher Lubeck

Painter - Studio 15


Weber State University - Studio 33-36

Sara Austin

Drawing & Mixed Media - Studio 10

Sara Abagulum

Ninth Muse Academy of Art - Studio 38

Chaise Payan

Visual Artist, Illustrator, Designer - Studio 14

Cynthia Jeppson

Ceramic Artist - Studio 24

Joanne Hall

Painter - Studio 30

Paul Crow

Visual Artist

Traci Douglass

Painter - Studio 29

Carli Miller & Cameron Williams

Plant Potions & Paper / Wild Meraki Creations - Studio 32

Zia Hassan

Creative Wanderingz - Studio 26

Heather Angelone

Painter and Sculptor - Studio 25

Robbin Daffin

Floral Artist – Studio 13

The Monarch - Mural


Connect, inspire and create together. Our art studio members are painters, sculptors, photographers, designers and makers of all types. Come join your creative kaleidoscope!


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