Kathleen Watts


Wanna talk about extraterrestrials?

Utah League of Writers award winning author Kathleen Watts (pen name – thought continuum) will be joining us the first Friday Night of every month to do book signings for her book Catch Me If You Can … a story of alien abduction and culprit plunder and answer questions about a close encounter she experienced in Riverdale, Utah in 1976.

Make sure to stayed tuned in because her second book Payback Is A Glitch is due out in spring 2022.

Kathleen was the former owner of the Thought Continuum Bookstore in Ogden, Utah, which she managed and thoroughly enjoyed for over a decade. She began writing soon after.

“I am a booker. If I am not buying and selling books then it is only natural that I would write books. Lucky for me I have a story to tell.” Says Watts.

“It is truly much more than a story of extraterrestrial encounter, it is also a compelling journey into our connection to these ET’s and our part in the creation and animation of our cultural myths.”

Her plans for the future include production of a short film titled MaMa ReLoaded which will serve as the finale for her story.

“Skilled and original …”

“An unusual, creative story that is raw, honest and sometimes disturbing …”
—– Balboa Press

“A space diverting oddity that flies against the tail spin of UFO tabloid literature.”
—– Kirkus Review

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