Jen Reynard

Zona – Studio 31


The path Jen Reynard’s art career has taken has met with many diversions. A
life-long creative, she has found herself as a graphic designer, jewelry
designer, web developer, research analyst, technical writer, and design
instructor. Never afraid to shift direction, and always looking at the
world through an artist’s lens.

Jen Reynard received her Graphic Design degree in 1999 from Art Center
Design College in Tucson, AZ. Her designs have been published in national
magazines, women’s fashion catalogs, and displayed several times on New
York Times Square jumbotrons. In 2013, Jen went on to receive a BS in
Commerce from The University of Arizona, where she also heavily focused her
education on two-dimensional fine arts.

Jen Reynard’s interests today are centered on watercolor, fiber arts, and
silver wrapped jewelry. Her studio residence is located at The Monarch in
downtown Ogden, UT.

Mailing Address:
Jen Reynard
2637 N. Washington Blvd. #375
North Ogden, UT 84414