Abbie Devers

Studio 19

Gypsy Dream Hat Bar and Art Studio

Welcome to Gypsy Dream Hat Bar, a distinctive blend of creativity and personal style, beautifully situated in Studio 19 of The Monarch, at the pulsing heart of downtown Ogden, Utah. Guiding this creative oasis is Abbie, an artist with an unwavering passion for not only painting but also for fashioning art into the very hats we wear, offering a canvas that moves with you.

Abbie’s artistic journey is deeply ingrained in her academic achievements, holding a bachelor’s degree in art from the renowned Savannah College of Art and Design, and further enriched by her time at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. This extensive educational background has equipped her with the skills to meld her artistic visions into both tangible and wearable forms of expression.

At the core of Gypsy Dream Hat Bar is the unique opportunity for guests to design their own hats, allowing for a personalized touch that transforms personal style into a piece of wearable art. This innovative experience is complemented by the chance to dive into painting workshops, inviting individuals of all skill levels to explore their creative potential under Abbie’s expert guidance. Whether you’re looking to express yourself through the medium of paint or fabric, Abbie’s studio offers a nurturing environment to unleash your creativity.

Beyond the creation of bespoke hats, the studio provides a space where artistry and personal expression are celebrated and encouraged. Abbie’s previous venture, A Taste of Artistry Paint Studio in Philadelphia, which she nurtured for 12 years, has immensely contributed to her ability to inspire and guide others in their artistic journey, emphasizing the transformative power of art.

Abbie warmly invites you to step into Gypsy Dream Hat Bar, where the worlds of fashion and painting collide. Here, you can immerse yourself in the creation of a one-of-a-kind hat or participate in a painting workshop, all while exploring your artistic abilities in a welcoming and inspiring environment. With Abbie’s rich educational background and seasoned entrepreneurial spirit, your visit will not only leave you with a unique piece of art but also a memorable experience that echoes the essence of creativity and self-expression.

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