Alan Dee Geddes


At age 13, Alan discovered his first Tarot deck at a place called the Fun Shop, a novelty and magic store in Ogden, Utah. This began his fascination with cartomancy and the intuitive arts. In 1996, he pursued Wicca as a spiritual path. One of its teachings is to acquire a magickal tool. That was the inspiration he needed to continue his journey with Tarot, and has been reading cards professionally for over 25 years. A reading with Alan can incorporate angelic energies, cord cutting, chakra work, reiki, and a number of other modalities. He became a reiki master in 2018. During the quarantine, Alan wrote a book called “Discovering Tarot”. It’s a compilation of lecture notes from classes he’s taught for over 20 years, and continues to teach regularly. Ever since he can remember, Alan has always been into magic as entertainment. Check out his YouTube channel under his full name, Alan Dee Geddes for a collection of his favorite card and coin effects, as well as original concepts. 

His Grandma, Mae Reid Geddes, was a prolific artist in Ogden, Utah. I’m sure she would have had a space here at The Monarch. Here is an Instagram link focusing on her artwork. 

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