2019/11/image4.jpegRobert & Beth Simmons, Invictus Steelworks

Invictus Steelworks is a custom, handmade furniture company that blends functionality with modern art. Consisting of sculptor and designer Robert Simmons with his wife and business manager Beth Simmons, Invictus offers made-to-order statement pieces that range from dining room tables to outdoor gazebos. Robert considers himself first and foremost a sculptor, and his artistic sensibilities show through in every piece.

Having lived all over the country, Robert and Beth returned to his home state of Utah six years ago and together founded Invictus Steelworks. Robert’s 30 years of experience working with steel ranges from commercial welding for the mining industry, pipeline production and fishing boats to large-scale building projects and more. His well of experience, skillset and artistic eye paired with Beth’s business savvy has turned Invictus, which started out as a structural shop doing remodel work, into a luxury design shop with national client base. The shift began during a slow winter when their construction contracts were delayed for the season, and Beth asked Robert to build her a desk where she could work on the company’s managerial tasks.

“He built me this fantastical copper desk with steel bent sides and curved belly  – it looked like something out of the Victorian era,” she says. “He never even told me he could do that. I asked him,why are we doing structural work when you can do this?”

To make up for their delayed contracts, Robert built several stylistic tables and Beth started an Etsy shop. “Less than a month later, we sold all our equipment and never did a structural job again,” she says.

Now, Invictus not only offers dining room tables and desks but also conference tables, console tables, statement furniture and even artistically designed gazebos. The quality and craftsmanship of their worked combined with the custom design process has led them to develop personal relationships with clients all over the country. “We have to make sure it’s just right for them,” says Beth of her clients. “That’s really important to us and makes it very personal. This is something that’s going into someone’s home that they’ll take pride in and look at every day. Your table will outlive you and your children, so you now have a family heirloom instead of something you’re going to have to replace in a few years.”

2019/11/Salt-Flats-Sunset.jpgInvictus has a series of design collections that act as a starting point for new custom work. These range from the sculptural CAMBER collection to the more straightforward CLARITY collection, to the unique and eclectic ELEGANCE collection. You can browse these designs and see samples of glass, stone and other materials in Robert and Beth’s Monarch studio, where they host consultations to discover a client’s needs and preferred style. “We’re really excited to grow our Utah client base and have a foothold in the community,” says Beth of their Monarch studio, where Robert is also looking forward to presenting his non-utilitarian pieces. “Ideally we’ll showcase a new furniture design every month, but we’re really excited to have an outlet for Robert’s original sculpture.”

Robert’s sculpture and furniture designs are inspired by architecture, classic literature, science and philosophy. His work has been exhibited in the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City, the Kimball Arts Festival in Park City and now at The Monarch in Studio #9. Book an appointment or meet Robert and Beth at the next Open Studio Night on December 6th.


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