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Julieann Caramels was launched eight years ago, but its beginnings started further back when Rowena Montoya’s Aunt took her in after her mother passed away when she was just 15. Rowena’s aunts Nancy Ann and Julie took her in and loved her through the loss of her mother, and taught her to keep going and always have courage.After growing up, marrying and raising five children; Rowena began to see those life lessons circle back again after her husband lost his business in 2012 during the economic downturn. Rowena started to look for ways to attract buyers to his booth and remembered the caramels that she and her aunts use to make while she was growing up. She then contacted her aunt Julie who joined her from California to spend three days perfecting the recipe.Before long, people started dubbing Rowena’s husband Frank “the caramel guy”. This gave Rowena the idea to start up her caramel business Julieann Caramels, named after her two aunts that helped raise her.Since then Rowena has come up with over 40 different flavors of caramel. She says, “My aunts not only gave me the recipe for my caramels, but they also gave me the recipe for a happy and rewarding life.”

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