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Cheryls Bagels is owned and operated by Cheryl Mignone, an east coast transplant who followed her heart to Utah. She loves everything about Utah, the land, the people, the community. The only downside to living in Utah was her inability to find really good East Coast Style Bagels, (aka New York bagels). Cheryl decided to see if it was possible to re-create those special bagels she had spent most of her life eating. After months of trials and failures, the recipe and process were perfected. It was then that she started to share these special bagels with the community. It came as a surprise to those around her who never realized that bagels could be both crusty and chewy at the same time, and have a deep rich flavor that surpassed basic “bread”. Cheryls Bagels uses basic simple ingredients that you can pronounce and old-school methods to create traditional East Coast Style bagels right here in Utah.

Good bagels take time, they can not, and should not be rushed. The dough takes several days of preparing prior to each bagel being hand-rolled, boiled, and then baked. Cheryl can often be heard telling people, “Bagels are not round bread, they are so much more than that” In Jersey they say talk is cheap, and it is actions that matter. The best way to find out about your love for East Coast Style bagels is to find out where Cheryls Bagels is selling and go and buy some. You will not regret it. Cheryls Bagels are Vegan and do not contain any dairy or oils.

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Kaysville pick-up at 714 S. Rildah Circle 11am – 6:30pm Sandy pick-up at 9102 S 300 W Sandy @ 4pm