Zia Hassan, Creative Wanderingz

Zia Hassan, Creative Wanderingz Zia Hassan is a multi-disciplinary artist working in illustration, pottery, digital and more. All styles of work are encompassed under her brand, Creative Wanderingz, which is now housed at The Monarch in Studio #26. Zia's work is...

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Joanne Hall, Painter

Joanne Hall, Painter Joanne Hall has been painting for as long as she can remember, and has explored may mediums throughout her evolution as an artist. Currently favoring watercolor, Joanne's style and subject matter ranges from still life to landscape to portraiture....

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Jane Font, Painter

Jane Font, Painter Jane Font is a painter and instructor whose work expresses an intended emotion or mood through varied subject matter. Born and raised in the Ogden area, Jane has a been a longtime influencer in our local art community as the former owner of...

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Christopher Lubeck, Expressive Painter

Christopher Lubeck, Painter Ogden artist Christopher Lubeck paints vibrant scenes derived from his travels throughout the west and around the world. From snow-covered mountains to Caribbean beaches, Lubeck’s subject matter reflects the artist’s personal experiences,...

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Sara Austin, Drawing & Mixed Media

Sara Austin is an illustrator and mixed-media artist based in Ogden whose work is inspired by nature and adventure. Sara’s passion for exploring takes her from the mountains to the ocean for outdoor activities such as backpacking, biking, climbing, paddle boarding,...

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Robert & Beth Simmons, Invictus Steelworks

Robert & Beth Simmons, Invictus Steelworks Invictus Steelworks is a custom, handmade furniture company that blends functionality with modern art. Consisting of sculptor and designer Robert Simmons with his wife and business manager Beth Simmons, Invictus offers...

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Gene Chambers: Studio-66

Gene Chambers, Studio-66 “Hot Rods are my passion, but the graphic arts are my craft,” says Utah painter Gene Chambers, whose current work is inspired by the custom car culture of the 1950s and 60s. Chambers paints hot rods and roadsters with a smooth and illustrative...

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Jada Hughey: ClearLight Glass Co.

Jada Hughey: ClearLight Glass Co. Jada Hughey is a stained glass artist whose work is inspired by the natural world. Having grown up in the redwood forests of California, hiked above the blue waters of Lake Tahoe, lived beneath the jagged Rocky Mountains and now...

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Emily Cook: Contemporary Painting

Emily Cook, Contemporary Painting Emily Cook is a painter, jeweler and physician whose passion for art and science fuels her work, no matter the discipline. Currently focused on oil and acrylics, Cook paints landscape and floral works that blur the lines between...

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Bradley Trammel: Portrait Photography

Bradley Trammel Photography Bradley Trammel’s portrait photography has an enchanting, theatrical feel that captures the inherent mood and personality of his subjects. His attention to texture, color and composition give his stylistically arranged shots a distinct look...

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Chad Jones

Chad Jones is a retired locomotive engineer and woodworker who builds stylistic furniture, particularly Windsor and Maloof style chairs. Fascinated by furniture design and excited by hands-on creation, Chad has turned his passion into a profession as he creates custom...

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Stephen Henry, Western Painter

The rural west – its dramatic mountain scenery, lush farmland, cattle ranches and “ordinary folk” – is the preferred subject matter for Utah painter Stephen Henry. Henry was raised in a small town in Texas; his father was a sign painter, western artist and cowboy in the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame. Henry loved growing up around the rodeo, riding horses and working cattle, and he connected with the “every day, down-to-earth” people in his community.
Henry moved to Utah over 15 years ago with his wife and immediately felt at home in the vast landscape of the far west. While his most recent watercolors depict imagery from Northern Utah and the surrounding area, Henry’s artwork also channels the environment he grew up in. “There’s a story being told about me and about where I come from,” says Henry of his work. “I’m painting what I know and what I love the most.”

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Austin Luckett, Iron Pine Photography

Austin Luckett is an Ogden-based photographer whose work reflects the artist’s love for the American West, from its powerful natural landscapes and free-roaming wildlife to its linear urban architecture. Luckett’s powerful images offer unique perspectives of familiar scenes; moody rainclouds hover over downtown Ogden, glowing sunsets rise above snow-covered mountains and rugged buffalo casually graze on Antelope Island. Luckett takes the visions we encounter everyday in Northern Utah and presents them in a way that re-engages the viewer, drawing deeper connections and renewed appreciation for the environment we live in. “I want to create something familiar, but do it in a way that’s a little different than people are used to seeing,” says Luckett. “I’ve found that people want to see things they know – but captured in an unexpected way.”

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Visions for The Monarch

Those who have attended our Hard Hat Tours have been stretching their imaginations to visualize the future of this project. Our construction is moving along (opening date: June 2019!) but we are excited to now offer a better visual of what our space will look like come summer

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Creative Spotlight: Kseniya Thomas

Kseniya Thomas opened Thomas-Printers in 2005. She was trained as an intern at the print shop of the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany. She is the co-founder of Ladies of Letterpress, a professional organization that provides a community where both brand-new and experienced printers can learn from one another, share resources and ideas, and help keep letterpress a thriving, exciting, and multifaceted art and craft.

A full-service, commercial letterpress print shop, Thomas-Printers loves the process as much as the finished product, whether it be wedding invitations, business cards, greeting cards, or anything else that needs the touch of letterpress. Or die-cutting, or edge painting, or the perfect Pantone. We’re a woman-owned, community-minded business that’s obsessed with ink on paper.

We work with designers, individuals, collaborators, and fellow printers on projects that demand a quick turnaround and a close attention to detail. We’re happy to consult with you and work on getting your project into print quickly and as economically as possible.

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What Do You Want For Christmas?

Ogden creatives: what’s on your wish list this year? A bigger studio space? An inspiring environment where you can connect and create with other artists, designers and makers? This is what the Monarch wants to give to our local arts community…

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