Chad Jones

Chad Jones is a retired locomotive engineer and woodworker who builds stylistic furniture, particularly Windsor and Maloof style chairs. Fascinated by furniture design and excited by hands-on creation, Chad has turned his passion into a profession as he creates custom...

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Stephen Henry, Western Painter

The rural west – its dramatic mountain scenery, lush farmland, cattle ranches and “ordinary folk” – is the preferred subject matter for Utah painter Stephen Henry. Henry was raised in a small town in Texas; his father was a sign painter, western artist and cowboy in the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame. Henry loved growing up around the rodeo, riding horses and working cattle, and he connected with the “every day, down-to-earth” people in his community.
Henry moved to Utah over 15 years ago with his wife and immediately felt at home in the vast landscape of the far west. While his most recent watercolors depict imagery from Northern Utah and the surrounding area, Henry’s artwork also channels the environment he grew up in. “There’s a story being told about me and about where I come from,” says Henry of his work. “I’m painting what I know and what I love the most.”

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Austin Luckett, Iron Pine Photography

Austin Luckett is an Ogden-based photographer whose work reflects the artist’s love for the American West, from its powerful natural landscapes and free-roaming wildlife to its linear urban architecture. Luckett’s powerful images offer unique perspectives of familiar scenes; moody rainclouds hover over downtown Ogden, glowing sunsets rise above snow-covered mountains and rugged buffalo casually graze on Antelope Island. Luckett takes the visions we encounter everyday in Northern Utah and presents them in a way that re-engages the viewer, drawing deeper connections and renewed appreciation for the environment we live in. “I want to create something familiar, but do it in a way that’s a little different than people are used to seeing,” says Luckett. “I’ve found that people want to see things they know – but captured in an unexpected way.”

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Visions for The Monarch

Those who have attended our Hard Hat Tours have been stretching their imaginations to visualize the future of this project. Our construction is moving along (opening date: June 2019!) but we are excited to now offer a better visual of what our space will look like come summer

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Appointment only, Guests of a Creative or Private Event

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