Kaneez (Zia) Hassan

Creative Wanderingz

Art and culture have always been constants in my life. Having pursued a career in anthropology/archaeology and design, I became interested in creating art and design that people can connect to on an emotional level. While I am a digital illustrator and graphic designer by profession, I want to take the next step in my art practice. To further blend my passion for art and cultures, I decided to explore ancient and traditional ceramic art techniques, and experiment with connecting the past with present using art.


I am a freelance graphic designer, communication specialist, illustrator and a ceramicist/potter. I have a BIS degree from Weber State in Anthropology, Photography and Business Communication. I also have masters degrees in Archaeology and Corporate and Non-profit Communication. My work experience includes Marketing Coordination for an exhibit design firm in New York, internship at the UNESCO World Heritage Center in Paris, communication strategy and branding for small businesses, freelance illustrator and an artist.


Website: creativewanderingz.com/


Instagram: @creative_wanderingz