Spiritually Boujee

Mindfulness and Spirituality  – Studio 31


My history and vocation is in yoga (over 20 yrs of practice and 14 yrs of teaching) However, after Covid Hit, I switched my teaching over to Mindfulness and teaching spirituality basics. It’s still yoga but it’s more than just stretching and touching your toes. Covid broke us, and a lot of us are still recovering!  I’m creating a space for people to feel safe and to recover mentally, emotionally and physically if needed. 

I’m also creating items to help aid in your mindfulness/ meditation practice, such as herbal burning bouquets/ bundles, T shirts to remind you of your mindfulness, terrariums, stones/crystals to help create mindful spaces of your own and offering theses things in “micro” form for kids to start their practice as well  The more mindfulness we can create together, the more it will spread. 

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