Sarah Abagulum

Ninth Muse Academy of Art – Studio 27 & 28

 When Sarah Warner Abagulum took her first formal art class from local art master Donna Osmond Kearney Bingham she knew art would play an important role in her life. That watercolor class inspired Sarah and gave her the skill set to pursue her passion for art. Originally from Ogden, she moved with her family to California where she continued her art and eventually taught at Mission:Renaissance, the world’s largest fine arts institution. She also earned her bachelor’s degree at BYU-Hawaii during this time.


Family circumstances brought Sarah back to Ogden where she taught elementary education until her love for art led her to pursue a career in creating and teaching art as a career – carrying on Donna’s legacy. And so the Ninth Muse Academy of Art was born and she never looked back.


Her course starts with line drawing and progresses through pastels and tones to bring the student’s work to life. After mastering the 3 stages of line drawing students will then decide to continue in watercolor or oil. Thus, the course builds upon itself and classes are geared to each student’s ability, allowing everyone to go at their own pace. Whether you are a beginner or experienced artist this course offers something just for you.