Robbin Daffin

Floral Artist – Studio 12-13

Robbin Daffin of Hope and Evolution has always had a love for flowers. When she was just 5-years-old, a grumpy fellow Ogdenite neighbor called the cops on her for picking roses from their garden! After that she stuck to her grandmother’s garden and practiced putting small arrangements together. Robbin got her start in Germany as a young adult. She fell in love with the flower shops in Europe; flowers were an integral part of people’s lives. Wanting to bring that feeling to the US, she opened her own floral shop in Seattle Washington in 2005. She’s happy to be back in Ogden where it all started. She gushes, “Being in Ogden, especially being a part of The Monarch, is continually making me a better floral artist. Ogden is such a wacky, quirky, beautiful place. Being here again has helped me embrace that in myself.”

Contact Robin Daffin

Phone: 801-979-2827