Mark Waterfall

Studio 25

“Doodling and drawing on things growing up was a common problem,” said Ogden-born and raised artist Mark Waterfall, a man of many talents and art forms.

Mostly a woodworker, Waterfall’s preferred medium is black walnut. “The durability and immense amount of detail in the wood grain make it a prime choice,” he said. For his paintings and doodles, he prefers acrylic paints in a mixed medium format, oftentimes layered with aerosol paints. As with most artists, doodling with sharpies and ink is a favorite, though he tries to refrain from unpermitted walls now.

Waterfall grew up building, fixing and creating a wide variety of things with his dad and brothers. Artistry was in his blood and all around him, shaping him into the artist he is today. His grandfather and great uncle, sculptors, and his grandmother, a painter, were always a support to his creative bug, as were his parents.

For four years, Waterfall worked for an exhibit/design and construction group until a motorcycle accident, when Lady Luck showed up in disguise. He lost his job and planned to go back to school. At Utah State University in 2016 he attended the Outdoor Product Design and Development program, and while there he began to focus on some personal projects in his shop, starting with smaller side tables and coffee tables. Soon Waterfall realized these beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces might be worth something!

A friend of Waterfall’s was in charge of interiors for a project at Powder Mountain ski resort. After seeing his work, this friend asked him to showcase his pieces in an office lounge area. Soon after putting a large coffee table in that lounge, Waterfall was contacted by his first clients who happened to be building a new home in the area. “

The coffee table led to side tables, which led to a dining table, etc., and I’ve been going at it ever since. I have been self-employed for the past five years creating custom interior pieces for clients from Powder Mountain, UT to Los Angeles, CA.,” says Waterfall.

In his studio at The Monarch, Waterfall features many pieces that serve as inspiration for custom commissions. “I have original artwork, prints, custom furniture and occasional prototypes for sale at my studio. Some of the work featured in my studio acts more as a model for potential pieces someone may want to commission for themselves,” he said. “

With almost any furniture piece my goal is to find the perfect balance between form and function. When searching for the right slab or the right stump for a project, I often find myself changing the design around the natural shape of the wood. Utilizing cracked slabs, twisted stumps and live edges to not only create a unique and aesthetically pleasing thing to look at but a completely functional and useful piece of furniture/art,” says Waterfall.

As for his paintings and doodles, they serve as an outlet to his emotions. More like “journal entries,” they are an outlet for his emotions.

“The woodwork is what I do right and precisely…The artwork is what I don’t care to do right,” he said.