Joanne Hall

Painter – Studio 30

I love art…whether I’m creating, teaching, thinking, or discussing art it doesn’t matter. For me there is no better therapy than immersion in the creative process. While watercolor is my medium of choice, it’s all good. Flowing watercolor washes, value exploration with graphite or charcoal, layering and blending pastel, digital design, or many other creative possibilities: they all bring depth, excitement, sanity and joy to my life.

My earliest art memory is finger painting in kindergarten. I can still remember the feeling of cool tempera paint oozing through my fingers and sliding across the paper… It was love at first site. That kindergarten abstract hangs in my studio today.

Through the years I have explored every medium I could access. I entered college intent on obtaining an art degree, but after a year in a fine art program at one college and another two in illustration at another, I changed my major and graduated with a secondary teaching license in a completely different area. For years art was put on hold as other aspects of life dominated.

It’s been more than 20 years since I have rediscovered art and the joy it brings in life. In that time I’ve read piles of instruction books , enrolled in every class and workshop I could possibly attend and connected with other many wonderful artists. I have taken classes from very successful working artists, from college professors, and from those who were just a little further along the learning ladder than I was. I have gained something of value in every class I’ve participated in.

Later I began teaching art classes for children and adults. Teaching has taught me more about the art process than anything else I have done. Teaching helped me internalize concepts and better understand the learning process.