Jaclyn Bott

Studio 13 Photography

Hello! My name is Jaclyn, and I’m a microbiologist gone artist and photographer. Yup, you read that right! I went to school for microbiology, worked in research labs, and then fell madly in love with my creative side. I never intended to be a professional, but here we are four years later, and I wouldn’t change a thing!


When I first started out in photography, I worked mainly with families and weddings, but quickly fell in love with the commercial and branding side of photography. I love studio work, lighting, in depth editing, and creating images that evoke emotion and tell a story.I also enjoy editorial and fashion shoots, and you will find me styling and directing creative sessions in my free time. 


As far as painting goes, I have worked mainly with acrylics in my career. I also love painting large art pieces as backdrops for my studio photography. All in all, creativity is my jam. 


Some other fun, non-business-related things about me: I love reading and listening to audiobooks, I am classically trained to sing opera (true story), I love yoga and spirituality, and being outdoors brings me life.


So what can I offer you? Gorgeous images for your brand. We’re talking professional headshots, lifestyle and personal branding sessions to bring your websites and social media platforms to life, and product photography. I also offer mentoring, workshops, and coaching. Not to mention, you can find my backdrops available to rent and purchase. 


So there you have it, that’s me, and I’m so excited to be here!

Artist Contact Information

Phone: 435-922-6105

Email Address: jaclyn@studio13photo.com

Website: www.studio13photo.com

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