Chaise Payan

Visual Artist, Illustrator, Designer – Studio 14

The simultaneous revulsion and curiosity one encounters when viewing grotesque or surreal imagery is a compelling factor in some of the visuals I find myself creating or being drawn to.


I find inspiration toward my work from elements of cyber/steam punk, classic Horror, Westerns, noir, skate/snowboard/hip hop industries, Pop Surrealism, lowbrow, dystopia, WWII, cartoons (Liquid Television / Looney Tunes) video games, and many other influences. I have worked with a variety of individuals involved in the gaming (All Gen Gamers), comedy (Maronzio Vance) and music (SnowwBear / Riff Raff) industries.


My dream is to see some of my creations featured in an animated film/series or accompanying the tunes in a music video from an artist whose work I admire.


Some of my contemporary inspirations are Blaine Fontana, Kris Kuksi, Mars-1, Robert Williams, and Camille Rose Garcia.

Instagram: @dodofro