Chad Jones

Knotty Alder

Chad Jones is a retired locomotive engineer and woodworker who builds stylistic
furniture, particularly Windsor and Malouf style chairs. Fascinated by furniture design and excited by hands-on creation, Chad has turned his passion into a profession as he creates custom pieces for sale and teaches his artistry to others.
“I may not be able to draw a stick figure, but I can build chairs and that makes me feel artistic,” says Chad, whose life-long passion for woodworking began when he was just seven years old. His first piece was a birdcage – built with his dad’s tools and hung in the corner of his bedroom – and was the beginning of his fascination with building and creating. Since then he’s fabricated everything from bowls and mugs to tables and cabinets, and even built his own home with the help of his father. Now through his woodworking business, “Knotty Alder,” Chad has honed his focus to furniture making with a specific focus on Windsor style chairs.