Bradley Trammel

Photographer – Studio 4

cyan pottery bowl by bradley trammel
Looking for new adventures after a break from photography in 2019, Bradley made a return to ceramics and pottery. This journey began in 2007 on weekends at home with his neighbor; learning late nights in the garage, while having to travel all week for work.   Over several months Trammel explored many functional forms, from bowls to teapots, as well as chemistry to make glazes. 

Bradley’s use of Neo-classical art and shapes, along with his wife Nicole’s chemistry background bring a new and exciting chapter to the Curly Tail Studio.  Trammel’s glazes enhance the textures of both familiar and exciting shapes with an eye for exploration. “I can show my wife photos and explain what I’m trying to achieve, she helps me from there to find the correct combinations and testing needed to get there. We don’t depend on pigments to get the colors we need, it’s all chemistry,” says Trammel. 

Curly Tail Studio isn’t all about pottery, however it is their primary focus these days. 

Bradley also offers classes to help others begin an exploration of clay and pottery. For more information on classes and other offerings of the studio, visit his webpage at www.curlytailstudio.com