Bradley Trammel Photography

Bradley Trammel’s portrait photography has an enchanting, theatrical feel that captures the inherent mood and personality of his subjects. His attention to texture, color and composition give his stylistically arranged shots a distinct look that’s meant to evoke a visceral response. Whether a senior portrait, corporate headshot or glamorous model shot, Trammel approaches each image with an eye for beauty, artistry and most importantly, emotional connection.

Taught by his father, Trammel began taking photos when he was just eleven years old and was shooting weddings professionally by the time he was nineteen. After high school, however, Trammel set his camera aside to attend culinary school in Portland, where he worked in kitchens until his late 20s. His entrepreneurial energy has since led him to pursue many careers and start several businesses, from catering to trucking, before finally returning to his camera. Ironically, it was Trammel’s trucking career that got him shooting again. “I would be sitting in parking lots in rural farm towns in North Dakota with nothing to do but take pictures,” says Trammel, who began photographing landscapes with his film camera to occupy himself on long trips. Trammel had a fleet of 13 trucks by the time he sold the company and embarked on his next entrepreneurial venture – his current portrait photography business.

Trammel now specializes in headshots, portraits and glamour photography. Booking a session with him involves at least one meeting – sometimes two or three – before any shooting takes place. This is when Trammel connects with his client and establishes a vision, which means more than picking out wardrobe and deciding location. The first priority is the desired feeling and emotion of the intended images, which subsequently informs the rest of the styling. With the details worked out beforehand, the shoot becomes a memorable experience for the sitter rather than a grin-and-bear-it endurance. “The emotion and connection has to be there – without that, there’s no need for the image,” says Trammel. “The pose has to compliment what’s already there, but it’s the emotion that ties it all together. The connection doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking right at the camera – it all has to make sense in the context.”

Currently, most of Trammel’s shoots take place outdoors but with Utah’s white winters and hot summers, this can oftentimes be limiting. Trammel’s studio in The Monarch will be an opportunity for indoor styled shoots as he strives for softer, cinematic looks akin to Annie Leibovitz’ famous Vanity Fair portraits. Check out his studio in The Monarch later this summer and in the meantime, connect with him from the links below and book your own glamorous photography session.


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