Kristie iannone


Born and raised in Ogden, UT. Describing herself as creatively restless, Kristie is a designer, a stylist of fashion and interiors, a curator of objects and an artist who has practiced in the Northwest and Pacific region before returning to Salt Lake City, Utah. In her abstract artistic work, she explores the emotional quality of color and technique, giving herself over to the partial control and the painting process, where chance and intention meet. She bases her artwork on the responses to the emergence of the artistic process, starting from an abstract painterly idea, a color, a shape, an emotional expression, she is moved and pours the paint over the surface: dripping, pouring, some brush strokes, rubbing, directing, dragging, scraping, layering, and at times, scratching off layers again, revealing prior layers – until a composition is intuitively right. And it simply is.